Make more money on sponsoredtweets – sponsoredtweets referral program

Make more money on sponsoredtweets – sponsoredtweets referral program

Get paid for refer with new sponsoredtweets referral program


If you are looking for making money program using your twitter account then I suggest you to try sponsored tweets  , you can read my review about this site here.

When sponsoredtweets started their debut for the first time , they didn’t have any referral program . But now with thousand of new member every day , sponsoredtweets just started their new  referral program . This will means lot for their member ( especially me ….lol ) and I bet you know what this means , yeah… member can make even more money with sponsoredtweets .

How to start ? You don’t need to sign up if want to be a member on sponsoredtweets  , just click banner bellow this post , continue with click sign up button to allow sponsoredtweets access your twitter account.

From good news to bad news

Beside new referral program from sponsoredtweets , I got one bad news for you . Sponsored tweet has new rules for their member , you need to be twitter member for at least 120 days .

Read what they say about the rule :

Your Twitter account must be at least 120 days old to be visible in searches to advertisers. However, advertisers can still explicitly make you offers.

I pass the rules so how to optimize the new referral program ?

Honestly sponsoredtweets has provided a nice program which can help their member to refer more people , here is what I found from them :

  1. Sponsored tweet allow you to tweet your link using twitter itself , but please tweet normally , I am sure you don’t want to get banned from twitter , don’t you ?
  2. Put the link on your own blog . this will help you to find more referral from your blog visitor
  3. Put banner that already provided by sponsoredtweets

Conclusion :  you will surprise to find out how easy to make money from sponspredtweets ,  I got two advertisers in my first day . I really happy to join this program which I can make easy money by doing nothing except tweet 140 words.
Join this program now!


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