Make money from clickbank – covering the basic of clickbank secret part one

Make money from clickbank – covering the basic of clickbank secret part one

The basic knowledge about clickbank!


First I want to tell you that this post is just a tip from me, make money using clickbank or affiliate marketing is not my main job but one of my favorite making money program. Well , few days ago I got an email from Christopher ( Canada ) , he asked me ” why I never write a post about clickbank as one of the best internet marketer market place ” and I provide this post to him and everyone who wondering this.

Why people choose affiliate program – the Truth

The truth: affiliate marketing is one of hottest money source in this time .see john chow, shoe money, prolonger and hundreds of popular blogger on blogosphere; they make thousand of dollar every week from “eyeballs” on their blog.

I love affiliate marketing as well but I am not finish my plan to prepare my blog for the program ( I have a big plan for this ) But this doesn’t mean I don’t have a great tips to share about making money on clickbank , I got them in my brain and here they are :

  1. You need to learn and covering the basic, just login and walk around. Read all FAQ and help article to help you know more about clickbank as your money source. Tons of people failed because of this, they are in hurry and finally lose their chance to make money on clickbank.
  2. Know how to choose the product, clickbank member need to figure this out. Choosing the right program will give huge impact to your selling. Note: I will write a specific article about how to choose the right product at my next post.
  3. Optimize clickbank feature, use tracking tool to help you ,Keep track your sales everyday or every week , you can save them as your draft report and use it if you need it someday.
  4. “When less is better”. This is my own experience. I didn’t choose lot of product to sell; usually I take one product and promote it for month or at least one or two week.  The key is choose the right product and focus on it.
  5. Sell the product as your own. This will help you even better to sale more.
  6. Use Maxpress ninja affiliate plugin. Look like ninja affiliate marketing is the most powerful plugin that ever exist.

Make money on clickbank is really popular, you can create a blog post about item that you choose from clickbank and make money if people buy it from your blog. Cool huh!

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