Make money with Awesome CPA network – Directleads CPA network

Make money with Awesome CPA network – Directleads CPA network

Looking for awesome CPA network? Congrats, cause you have found it


Being one of the first affiliate networks in the industry, directleads sure know what is the best for both of their member (advertiser and publishers). As their member, you just got the same chance to promote your product as an advertiser and make money as a publisher.

Read what they said about them:

DirectLeads is a division of Direct Response Technologies, Inc. Founded in 1997, DirectLeads was one of the first CPA (cost per action) networks in the market. We promote a wide variety of offers, including those in the Broadband, Diet, Retail and Medical/Health verticals. Being a CPA network, we focus on Cost Per Action, Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale campaigns, but we also promote select Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression offers.

Why I should join as their member ?

I have finished read the detail about them two days ago and as long as I remembered they provide direct track , the only independently certified tracking platform in the affiliate marketing industry . so it doesn’t matter you are publisher or advertiser , your activities will be track with 100% accuracy.

Here is what you will get as a directleads publisher :

» Personalized, prompt service
» The highest payouts
» Guaranteed commission payment
» Exclusive, premium offers
» Independently certified tracking

And here is what you will get as a directleads advertiser :

» Performance-based pricing
» Experienced account management
» Industry leading technology
» Consolidated, real-time reporting

so , clearly you can see that directleads really serious on this business.  Remember that they are the first one on affiliate network and sure they know what is the best for you

How about the payment ?

Really neat ,  the minimum payment for directleads is $20 . if you earn less than $20 then you commission will automatically add to the next month.

Conclusion : I am losing my words for this great affiliate networks , just try them once you have time . faster mean better. Directleads is just an awesome network to make money online

Visit and read more about Directleads network

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