The easy way to Promote your affiliate link/banner

The easy way to Promote your affiliate link/banner

What is the easy way to promote your affiliate link / Banner?

When you are clickbank, commission junction, cx-media, never blue or any CPA Network member. You will need to promote affiliate link or banner to make money. There are many way to promote your link. You can use adwords, buy traffic to landing page, buy link at text link ads, but if you want the totally free way, you can put banner or link on your own blog.

Many blogger didn’t realize the strategy to put their affiliate link or banner, if you trust me, you can learn my tips on this post and make more money with. Ok let’s start then.

As you now, if you decided to be an affiliate in one or more site on ever CPA program, you will get banner code, so you can put that banner to where ever you want. But where is the good place to put that banner. Read this out.

  • First step is join more than 10 CPA site : here is Big list of CPA Network

Why I must join so much CPA Network, you need to join as much as you can CPA site so you will have more chance to get great product to promote, more chance to get higher pay for every lead and sell.

  • From All Cpa network you have, choose best product that related to your website / blog themes. Example, if your site is about domain and hosting, choose product about domain, or web hosting, web design, domain parking. You can choose what the best from many CPA Network is.
  • If you already get more than 10 products then you can start put their banner link on your blog or site? The good place to put their banner is on your content. ( if you have good product you can put on your sidebar , or header ) The key here is you must put product banner to content that related to it. Example: you can put product banner about web hosting on your content/ post about how to choose good web hosting.
  • Try to choose banner that have more ” Selling Word ” , ” Free” so people will get attracted to click the banner
  • I prefer to choose product that have booth paid per lead and paid per sell program. So I will get paid when ever people only sign up in product I promote and don’t buy anything
  • If your content page have more than 700px width you can use 468×60 banner but if your content width >550 use small banner like button or 125×125 banner.

If you do this right you will get more money, more lead and more sell. This is basic key to promote your affiliate banner without spend any money. A.K.A FREE

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