Make money with TrekPay – site that combine Paid to surf and paid to click Program

Make money with TrekPay – site that combine Paid to surf and paid to click Program

Join Trekpay and make money whenever you surf on internet

It has been months since my last post about make money program , I can say that I miss to post something like this and today I will cure my longing by review a neat site for make money online . Its trekpay , a site where you can make up to $200 monthly with very simple ( probable the simplest program that you ever meet ).

Introduction of Trekpay as one of paid to surf site

Trekpay is one of paid to surf site (probable the best one). Is this mean you can make money from this site just by using them to browse what you like to? The answer is yes, but more than interadmedia (interadmedia using the same system with trekpay, click here to read more about interadmedia) you can make money using paid to click system as well.

So the conclusion is: Trekpay is a site that combines both paid to surf and paid to click program.

Tell me the detail, how to make money with Trekpay?

Just like I have told you before, make money with trekpay probably is the easiest one that you ever meet. Just create your account there and start to browse using their site or using paid to click system by click advertiser on their site. Both of the system will give you point and you can convert your point to dollar.

How many we can earn using trekpay?

Based on what they say on the web, you can earn up to $200 ( off course you need to do some hard work there ) . The more you earn point the more you earn money.

How do I get paid?

Trekpay will pay you the money using PayPal, so make sure you already have PayPal to grab the money you have earned.

When do I get paid?

Trekpay paid every two week and the minimum money you must earn for withdraw is quite small, earn minimum $ 5, 5 to request a payment to your PayPal account

Is there other way I can use to make more money with Trekpay?

Well, just like interadmedia where you can refer people to be your downline. At Trekpay, you can share your referral link and make more money by getting people to follow you. So they make money and you make money from them too (what could be better than this?)

Other things you need to know about Trekpay?

Trekpay using both easy make money program, paid to click and paid to surf. It’s easiest program on earth but I can tell you that to make much money from Trekpay you must sacrifice both your time and Focus. If you give both of what Trekpay need, sure $200 is a logic thing.

I decided to try my luck by join TrekPay, click banner bellow if you want to do the same thing

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