Paid to play game with Platinum Lounge

Paid to play game with Platinum Lounge

Get paid to play game and spam ?

Have you ever heard spammer get paid or you are spammer who want to make money,read this out !

What is Platinum Lounge?

Platinum lounge is making money web based on paid per post and paid to play game . This mean you do not need to review the product, read email,or write an articles ,but you only need to play a funny game , if you win the game you will earn point , if not win you still earn point.
This point will increase your level.You can post anytime , to any thread ,you can start to make your own quiz , game , and humor , for every your post  you will get point. Your target is “LEVEL” the higher level will make you earn more money. And you will paid monthly to your paypal account

This is the way to start it :

  1. SIGN UP by clicking banner on this page , and fill all the form on Register page
  2. for the first time you start login , maybe you will confuse , but i will help you in this thing , first thing is start to complete your profile with klick the link “MyLounge — Your Profile Page ” on the left
  3. after that , you can start to play a game . look at the left at you page ,there are some link below ” main street ” you can choose what game that you want to play,you will confuse for the first time, but try to read the sticky post. that will teach you how to play the game
  4. the most important thing is, post an answer as much as you can, but every answer of you must different. that post will make you earn point .

Tips for this site:

  • post every day to reach the level.
  • Make your own games , and quiz to earn more point

Join this website now !


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