Make money online by selling facebook poker chips

Make money online by selling facebook poker chips

Yes, you can make money using your facebook account!

If you wonder how you can make money online using your facebook account then you will find a nice way in this post, I will tell you a very unique way to make money from facebook by “selling poker chips”. Is this unique? Yeah, selling facebook poker chips is one from not too much unique way to make money online which lot of people doesn’t know about it.

It’s funny to know anyone can join facebook then plays poker online with millions of facebook members and wins some poker chips, but the funniest thing is to know that lot of people want to buy this poker chips. Honestly I don’t know why but I think playing poker is a hobby and off course it is make sense if they want to buy more poker chips to continue play the game.

I don’t have the tips but I know the tactics

Please note that I am not a gambler even I love to play poker with friends but this is not the way I make money online. Here I will share some tricks that may help you win on poker games:

  1. Remember that you are play with human not bot or computer so everyone have the same chance to win the game.
  2. You will have more chance to win if you play with beginner.
  3. You will win more money if you play with master
  4. Know your enemy is the key of winning
  5. Hey I am not a poker master, lol.

Soon after you have lot of poker chips in your account, you can offer it to others member and you can start from people who love to play poker as well.

Please note that facebook admin know about this ” selling chips to make real money ” and they will banned everyone who do this so make sure you will not offer the poker chips using your facebook account , just mail people and ask them to buy your chips.

Wanna more unique way to make money online, I got more than hundred ways in my pending to review list. Make sure you will not miss it by subscribe on my blog.

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