Sell your skill for 5 dollar at fiverr

Sell your skill for 5 dollar at fiverr

The place for share things for five dollar – Fiverr

sure you have skills , every people have their own skill such as graphic design , logo creator , article writer , comment post , banner maker , etc. but have you make some money with your skill , i mean money from online job ? Yeah ? no. it’s to bad if you don’t “sell ” your skill . But if you are one from million people that don’t know where to sell your skill , here i will tell you a five star place to make money by selling your skill, the place is call fiverr .

What is fiverr ?

Fiverr is the place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5 . make sense huh ? Yeah , just simple sign up and post your skill for $5.

How it work ?

Fiverr provide a really simple system for their member . When you post your skill or things you can do , people can contact you directly and pay you .

So do you have any idea what skill i can show off ?

People at fiverr really know how to promote their skill , here is what i get from their site ( some of them are really unique )

  • I will write a tagline for your business/product/service for $5
  • I will invite all my facebook friends (5000+) to join your group/fanpage up to 5 invites for $5
  • I will do a “movie trailer” style voiceover for your website/podcast/business, etc… for $5
  • I will write anything appropriate on my forehead and wear it to public school all day for $5
  • I will create any sized website banner for you for $5
  • I will consult with you on your baking and pastry recipes or give you dessert ideas for $5
  • I will write your name on candy hearts for $5
  • I will design logo and or banner for you for $5
  • I will make slide show of your photo with music for $5
  • I will make a kundli horoscope of you for $5
  • I will setup your wordpress and teach you how to promote for $5
  • I will write 3 punchy slogans for your brand or product for $5
  • I will create a slideshow of your pictures and music for $5
  • I will write you a short theme song for you company for $5
  • I will send you my secret family recipe for real buttermilk pancakes for $5
  • I will sing The Birthday Song to Your Friends or Family for $5
  • I will create a excellent typography portrait of your picture for $5
  • etc

see how creative people are ? Think your skill are better than they ? So what are you waiting for, visit their site now and see what you can do for five dollar and for people

share your skill for five dollar OR MORE


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