How to Make money by post a Questions

How to Make money by post a Questions

MAKE MONEY WITH PICKJACK , Just make questions !

Do you want to make money by post A questions . it’s kinda weird make money program , but great , it’s easy making money from this website , just answer question , and you can make a questions too.
Listen to what they say :
Members are paid for participating in pickjack and your balance is how much you would be paid if the payment were made at that very moment. All members are paid via ” paypal “to the email address they have on file balances are rolled back to $0.00 when paid. Your balance must be at least $0.05 to get paid, otherwise it will roll over to the next payment. Pickjack is a simple website but you can make unlimited money here , just only post an easy questions , make sure you answer people question .
So What is the pickjack ?
Pickjack one of making money website using pay per post question program
How can i make money using pickjack ?
  1. post a question , so people can answer it , from every answers by other member you will get paid . but to post a question you must first anwers correctly questions post by other member ( don’t worry the questions are easy ) you can answer up to 100 question in just 15 minutes . for every 20 questions true answer by you , you can post 1 question.
  2. make money by referring other people . you can get paid for referring your family , your friend to join pickjack.
How about the payment :

  1. You will be paid if your account at least have $0,05 ( this is great )
  2. This site pay you by send money to PAYPAL ( If you don’t have paypal account , Grab it here ” paypal “

The earning step from this website is simple :

  • you must fill email form with your paypal address .
  • Asnwer questions as much as you can and make your own question to earn money. and remember for the first time sign up
  • Writing interesting,challenging and accurate questions (The more the better)
  • Correctly answering questions
  • Referring friends

Start making money from PICKJACK :



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