Blog Advertising network – Advertise on Thousands of Blogs | Get Paid for Blogging

Blog Advertising network – Advertise on Thousands of Blogs | Get Paid for Blogging

Paid to Write review | you will love Pure Home Job from Smorty


Blogger job is to make post on their job , right ? How about make post and get paid from that , this means you can make post on your blog and make money from your blog at the same time , sound great ?

You can get this if you join paid to review program on my blog and Smorty which I will review this time is one of paid to review site . Read this entire post and I know you will love it .

What is smorty ?

Smorty is similar with Sponsored reviews , payperpost , which you can make money by write a sponsor post or review on your blog .

The key when you want to choose paid to review site is make sure you choose site that have lot of opportunities , because more opportunities means more chance to get them and means more money .

Here is what they say about them :

Earning residual income from your blog is a fine art. Smorty’s techniques and features will help you reach your ultimate goal of earning money from your blog.

Here’s how it works. (This is a slow process so the key is being consistent).

  • Sign up by fill the form on their sign up page
  • Click confirmation link on your mail box
  • You need to wait few days until they approve your blog.
  • Once approve then you can start login and find the keyword you want to promote
  • Start writes your post and gets paid . Here’s a simple way of looking at how your blog income works.

This is the key if you want to success with paid to review site :

High ranking = Traffic
Traffic = Income
More traffic = More Income

What unique with smorty ?

Smorty has a very unique program which makes me love this blog very much , the program call ” Post exchange feature ” with this program blogger can supports each other . Simply write a post with a keyword link for another blogger in the smorty network and they will write one for you in return . This is totally great feature which you can’t found on other site.

What benefits you can get if join Post Exchange feature program are  :

  • More traffic
  • Targeted readers
  • Increased inbound links
  • Inbound links with your keywords
  • Increase your “page rank”

Start Make money with your blog by join smorty
Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog


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