Blogsvertise | Advertise on Blogs Ad Service and make money

Blogsvertise | Advertise on Blogs Ad Service and make money

Blogsvertise | it’s simple. Earn cash and generate extra income from your blog!


Yesterday and today I have reviewed two paid to review site, the first one is smorty and the second is BlogtoProfit and now I will review another one which is Blogsvertise. Read this entire post for detail about them.

What is Blogsvertise?

Another paid to review site that paid you for your review on you blog. I would say Blogsvertise is similar with BlogtoProfit payperpost, sponsored reviews and linkylovearmy. If you already join other paid to review site then you will not find any difficult to join Blogsvertise

How to start?

Nothing different, just like usual, sign up, add your blog and start looking for any opportunities.

How can I make from this site?

You will make money for each task assigned to you that you have completed and submitted back for approval. The current payout rate for new accounts is $4 – $25 per entry. Most will fall into the $5-15 range. So if you are assigned 10 writing tasks and complete them and are approved you will earn $50-150 dollars. Note: Payout Rates will vary and are frequently based on popularity/traffic of blog as measured by independent third parties.

Please note that Blogsvertise may increase your payout rate based on your review quality so if you have established an account with them and have successfully completed/approved 5 tasks you may contact them for approval of a payout increase.

When will I be paid?

Payments are made after 30 days your assigned task has been approved. Your task must be submitted back to the system by you for approval by the administrator before you will be paid. Note: If your 30 day payout date falls on a weekend or holiday you will be paid on the next business day. And payment is made with PayPal.

Conclusion : Remember with what I said when I review about blogtoProfit site ” Join as much as you can paid to review site will increase your chance to get good opportunities and more opportunities means more money you can make ”

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