Blogtoprofit | another Great site that pay blogger for write review

Blogtoprofit | another Great site that pay blogger for write review

Very simple program to make money from your job | Write review and get paid


Yesterday I have reviewed about smorty which is great paid to review site. Today I will review another great site that pays you to write review on your blog, BlogtoProfit. I review another paid to review site because I want bloggers has lot of choice and chance to choose the fit site to make money by write a review on their blog. Here read my review about BlogtoProfit and choose what is the most fit paid to review site for your blog.

What BlogToProfit?

This is just another paid to review site, which you can make money by write review about product, company or other blog, usually people call it sponsor review. BlogtoProfit look very simple for me, I don’t find any difficult to sign up and add my blog on their site.

How it work?

Being their member is very easy, all you need to do is sign up then click confirmation link on your inbox and add your blog. BlogtoProfit will review your blog and approve it (see their “blog requirements terms). Once your blog approve by them, you can start looking for opportunities and make money with it.

Is there another program that can make me earn money?

Yes , BlogtoProfit has referral program where you can get $10 by referring people with your email ( if you invite people to join BlogtoProfit then make sure you tell them to type your email address as their referral ) . You will earn $10 if people that referred by you complete their first task/job.

How and where (About the payment)?

BlogToProfit pay their member weekly and the payment will send to your PayPal account.

Conclusion : I suggest you to join as much as you can paid to review site because blogger will become more and more, this means your chance will decrease since there are tons of blogger using paid to review program to make money.

Join BlogToProfit Now and increase your opportunities with paid to review program!


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