Make money with IMreportCard – write review to make money online

Make money with IMreportCard – write review to make money online

IMreportcard is a nice site to make money online using your writing skill


Said it again, I believe IMreportcard is a neat site to make money online using your writing skill. A nice site that using paid to write program, a real site where you can earn money by writes reviews about product, service or person you know about. Read my detail review about IMreportcard and start earns your first dollar from paid to write program today.

What is IMreportCard?

I believe CIAO (one of paid to write site) is phenomenal, but since Microsoft has bought CIAO, the overall system has change and people are not easier to earn money from CIAO now.  So people are migrating to other neat paid to write site called IMreportcard.

Note : click here to read a full review about CIAO

Clearly you can see that IMreportcard is one of greatest paid to write site right now. Not popular as CIAO but still is a neat site with awesome simple system.

How is the IMreportcard system?

I just got shock with how simple make money with IMreportcard. As easy as make money with CIAO one year ago…lol…. I can assure one thing, if you are CIAO old member then you won’t find any problem with IMreportcard. The system is same except the point calculation.

At CIAO, you can directly earn money by review, comment and get rated by people. At Imreportcard, you will earn point with your review, comment and other thing you do on this site. Off course you can convert the point to money.

How valuable the point is and how to get them?

This is How IMRC calculate the point:

  • Rate a Review or another users’ comment1 Credit
  • Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp10 Credits
  • Add your own comment to any review50/100/150 Credits + *Bonus*
  • Suggest a new product, service, etc. for review100 Credits
  • Refer another user to IM Report CardWhatever THEY earn!

This is what you can do with the point:

MRC Credits currently have a cash value of US $0.01 each. That means you’ll earn $1 for every 100 credits. You can redeem your IMRC Credits for cash via PayPal at any time.

Note I need to know from IMRC: IMRC is a real paid to write site, all review written by members will get checked by IMRC team. All review must fill the grammar requirement and their TOS. If you really want to focus on this thing, I recommend you to read their FAQ page before you can start to earn your first dollar on this site.

Conclusion: let me make it simple, make money with IMRC is very neat, people can make money by sharing their experience about products, person or service. It’s nice right? Share your hobbies, your experience, get some new friend from the same hobbies and off course get paid.

Join and make your first dollar from IMreportCard


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