New look of payperpost version 4.0 alpha | paid to review others site

New look of payperpost version 4.0 alpha | paid to review others site

New version of payperpost | Payperpots Version 4.0 alpha

Every paid to review lover must know , Payperpost really is great site to make money online by write review about other site  on your blog, you can add your blog here , try some opportunities , and make money with your blog.

Now the great news is Payperpost has new version now ,  week ago they use version 3.0 and then they start to promote their new version , payperpost version 4.0 alpha . But as old member you can still use payperpost version 3.0 ( you can choose version at their home page , see picture bellow )


What new on version 4.0 alpha ?

I found they has make lot of change on this new version , especially the design , and you will find lot of easier to add your blog , view opportunities , withdraw your money , see your report , etc. version 4.0 has more simple look than version 3.0 for sure .

And if you are new on payperpost , then you can start register on this new version , login in your account , and add your blog in minutes . ( See picture bellow for example )


I think payperpost is better with this version , I wonder you have the same opinion with me .

Join new version of payperpost now !



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