Payperpost | One of best site to make money with review

Payperpost | One of best site to make money with review

Great making money program using paid to write system

Well if you are already be a blogger for many years, this site must sound familiar for you, this is the best website that paid for every post you made, for every job you take from their website. I really love this website because of the great system they have. I would say this site using a program that pure home job, everyone can do this job, because only need a blog/website and your creative.
So what is Payperpost?
Payperpost is the greatest website using paid to review / paid to write program for now, why I saying the greatest, because based on my friend and other blogger experience, they feel payperpost is professional, simple and the most important is many job available in this site, this means you can choose what job you want, how many payment you want, what kind of job / review you want, and so many option you can choose here.
How I can make money with Payperpost?
Because this site using paid to review / paid to write, you need to take a job (choose what you want to review or write about) and get paid from it. It’s really simple make money with this site , every people that love to write and creative will love this website , you can choose many job here , take it , start to write and get paid. So simple and real money!
Is there anything from this site?
YES! you can be advertiser using this site, you can offer some money here and tell people to review your website and pay them, and you know what your site will promote and review by them very good, they will write all the goodness from your website, I think this will increase your website or blog popularity and you also get back link from the writer, so why you don’t take this opportunity.

HERE Read their offer:
For advertiser: PayPerPost delivers online word of mouth marketing, brand building and traffic generation through the world’s largest consumer generated advertising community and marketplace.
For Bloggers: Get paid for blogging. Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers. Disclosure required.

Other thing needs to know about make money using this system:

  • Make money from this program need a good blog or website , you need to register / add your website to this site , so they can review and after you website get approved by them , you can start searching job and get paid.
  • You may accept Opportunities through PPP Direct at any time by placing the PPP Direct Badge on your blog ( ppp direct badge look in my sidebar)
  • From every review you made, every job you already done, you will receive track ranking, what is this? read this bellow

PayPerPost Tack Ranking: After you take an opportunity and write about it on your blog, advertisers can read what you’ve written and score your post on a scale from 1 to 5 tacks (5 being the best). Advertisers also have the option of banning you from taking any further opportunities from them, which will affect your tack rating in a negative way. The best way to maintain a good tack rating is to always write clearly with good grammar and follow the requirements laid out in the opportunity description. Your final tack rating will be an average of all the scores advertisers has given your posts.

Join this great site and make money by write!


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