Everyclick| Search the web to help Charities fundraise – My donations

Everyclick| Search the web to help Charities fundraise – My donations

Help Charities fundraise with Paid to search program, Be a fundraisers for FREE


If I have review about Bigdevil in my last post about paid to search categories , then this time I will review another paid to search program , but a little different here is you will not make money from this site BUT all you done on this site will give you chance to help Charities fundraise I would say if you join this site and make searches in this site you will donate to Charity .so if you already make a lot of money from info in my site now you can give your time to help charities fundraise , And all you can do for free with Everyclick ! Read my review for full story!

What is everyclick?

Everyclick is totally different search engine, this site use money their got advertiser to help charities fundraise, and with your help (by doing search) you have made them more easier to help each other

This is active fundraiser on everyclick (Hope my name, and yours in there)


This is full stories about everyclick:

Everyclick enables everyone to access effective and engaging ways to give online to any UK charity. Individuals, businesses, schools and colleges can use Everyclick to fundraise for their favorite charity in the way they want. For all 200,000 UK charities Everyclick represents an easy way to generate additional income, increase supporter engagement and access innovative online fundraising facilities without any upfront cost. Funds are generated by Everyclick users in a number of ways; searching, shopping, donation and sponsorship. Where applicable Gift Aid is also collected. Each month Everyclick ensures that funds* are distributed to recipient charities via Charities Trust.

Currently in the UK just 2% of the £8 billion** donated to charity is given online. This compares very poorly with other sectors such as travel, banking and shopping where a significant proportion of transactions have migrated online.

Everyclick is addressing this by providing a one stop shop that enables consumers and charities access to effective and engaging ways to give online.

So what I need and can do for everyclick and charity:

Everyclick gives you lots of ways to raise more money for ANY UK charity:

  • Everyclick search the web and raise money for your favorite charity for free
  • Use Everyclick Donate make an online donation
  • Everyclick Sponsorship lets you launch an appeal and organize sponsorship
  • With Everyclick Shop online with leading retailers
  • Everyclick Local lets you can search and post online classifieds
  • Everyclick Vouchers are a simple way to give friends a cash gift that they can give to the charity of their choice

And the first thing you need to do for charity and raise money for charity is sign up to EveryCLick by click banner bellow , all you do will help them live more better .


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