Get paid for searching on internet | Myhpf

Get paid for searching on internet | Myhpf

This is another great site that using paid to Search Program


If you already read about Scour (One of paid to search site) Then this is another site using paid to search program, But if you make point by searching with scour then in this site you make money. Can you ever imagine before, Make real money by searching on internet, FREE.

I bet you always searching “something “When surfing, searching with search engine like Google, baidu, yahoo is part of our surfing activity. I wonder you realize or not , but if we calculate every searching that we done for only one month , I think we always search more than 100 times , or maybe more than that .It will be great if we can convert something you always doing on internet to cash. By searching more than 100 times monthly will make a lot of money if you do it with this site, Myhpf. Read all my review, I have great tips with this site!

What is MyHpf?

This is paid to search site, you can make money by searching something. You can search information, product, news, picture, song, or anything.

How to use this site?

Make money with this site is easy, Just do searching with this site (Like you usually done with Google); you will make money from Every Normal search you done in this site.

How to earn more with MyHpf?

This site pay you based on search count, so there is a few ways to make more search everyday:

  • Set Home page : You can set MyHpf as your home page by clicking internet option in your browser tab and click main tab , change your home page with your myhpf account , so every you start open an internet browser , your myhpf account will come out and you can start make money by searching for something
  • Set your browser search box : When you log-in to your hpf account , see the table at the right and click customize service , you can start set your browser search box there , so this will make sure you make money for every search you do when surfing if you have myhpf search box . Totally easy making money program

So, join and start make money, Click this banner to join


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