Daytipper | Get new tips everyday and make money

Daytipper | Get new tips everyday and make money

DayTipper | Get New tips everyday | Make money at the same time

Yesterday I did some blog walking to find another great site for us to make money online , I found lot of great site ( waiting me to review them ) , lot of them are unique , have nice looking , have great feature , easy payment , easy system , etc.

I’m very interesting with one site , which is unique site to make money online  , why? Because you can make money with this site by submit your tips (what a unique system they have). I have try submit ten tips and waiting for review (hope can make little money), okay read this entire post, if you want to know more about them.

What is

Daytipper is your online daily resource for useful advice, tips, tricks, techniques and hints. In this site you can found thousands useful tips, and you can submit your own tips for money (Off course, hehehe). There are tons of great tips here, if you don’t want to make money then you can look for useful tips for your life and save them as your favorite.


This is what I got about

Every one of us is an expert on something. Chances are, through trial and error, hard work, or blind luck, you have learned something practical. Something that has helped makes your life a little easier. It saved you time. It saved you money. Maybe it saved your marriage; maybe your life.

What you discovered is too helpful to keep to yourself. You want to share it. You think, “Others should benefit from this.”

Now you can help others help themselves.

Welcome to Daytipper. Every day, content is added to this site that has helped someone before. The content here can help you. The editorial staff at Daytipper does not create the content found on this site. People like you do.

If you have a tip that is insightful, helpful, and original, we will publish it. You write the content. We share it with the world.

What can I get if I share my tips?

At the end of every month, Daytipper offers cash prizes of $100, $75, and $50 to the top three tip authors with the most published tips in a given month.

Tips to make money with daytipper?

Submit lot of tips will increase your chance to win the price, your tips must unique and the appropriate category chosen. Don’t forget to read their entire rule ( this will increase your chance to have your tips accepted )

Start to share your tips for money? Click logo bellow.



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