Easy share | Share anything to the world and get paid

Easy share | Share anything to the world and get paid

Free sharing anything and make money at the same time


Yesterday I have review a good site ( Flixya) to make money by sharing picture and video and today I will review another great site which is Easy share , I hope you can have lot of choice to make money from paid to share program and can choose what is the best program for you. Read my review about Easy share bellow.

What is Easy-share.com?

If you remember ziddu then this is almost the same with ziddu, which you can upload anything such as picture, video, file, games, song, note, etc. after uploads your file, you will get download link for the files, and then you can share it to anywhere you like. Just like ziddu you can make money with easy-share by upload your files and make people download it.

What unique with easy-share.com?

The different between ziddu and easy-share.com is Premium membership (which in ziddu you will not found Premium membership feature). Read what they say about premium membership bellow

Why you need a Premium membership?

Because with a Premium membership you can download files without limits! The regular account provides limited features, like reduced download speed, allows only one download at a time, the maximum bandwidth is limited to 150mb per hour, download timer and more.

How can you get a free Premium membership?

Earn ePoints and exchange them for Premium membership. There are 3 ways to do it:

  • you will be assigned ePoints every time someone downloads your files
  • advertise discount coupons and get ePoints for every sale
  • earn 10% of your friends’ ePoints

Have your files been downloaded more than 15000 times over the past 30 days? You’re entitled to a free Premium membership!

How can I earn money with Easy-Share?

Very easily. Upload your files to Easy-Share. Then, whenever someone downloads your file(s) you gain ePoints which can be converted to real cash.

Almost forgot, here is another unique with easy-share.com?

There are 3 ways to earn ePoints: (a) gain ePoints whenever someone downloads your file; (b) gain ePoints when you resell Premium memberships; (c) gain ePoints on referrals.

Easy-share has four payment options:

Payment options – minimum amount / commission

  • PayPal – $10 / $0,
  • ePassporte – $50 / $0,
  • WebMoney – $50 / $5,
  • wire transfer – $500 / $50.

Start uploads your file and makes money with them. click logo bellow!



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