How to boost your earning on paid to upload program – four killer tips available

How to boost your earning on paid to upload program – four killer tips available

Share your stuff for money – boost your paid to upload earning


I bet you know what is paid to upload , probably one of easiest  make money program . Every single of new money maker try this system before , include me . But based on my experience , make money from paid to upload program is not easier than you though before.  Just like paid to click , we can only make a little money when we start this program. Get as little as $1 for 1000 unique download , what the he*l ?

So what are your tips , how powerful it is ?

Yeah , I am here to share my own tips and what my friends told me about make money using paid to upload program.  But first you need to know what the real things are behind paid to upload program , here I will tell you that paid to upload program is about everyone happy . I mean , you can make some money , the owner happy because you promote their service and user ( people who download ) happy because they got something from you.

So based on the ” the real things ” above here I got some tips so you can boost your earning from paid to upload program :

1. Share something really  useful and interesting

Paid to upload program is about sharing , you can share almost everything to every one . so I bet you know what to share for make money online , yeah you can share something interesting like ” sexy picture ” ” short and nice movie ” , free ware , eBook and even your own tips . The key is you must use a nice title to promote your stuff so people got interest to download it . example : you have Britney sexy picture ,  you can upload them and promote them using ” Britney got naked today ” as a title when people download the picture they won’t mad to you just because of ” Britney is not naked ” ….. Lol …. Trust me.

2. Know the best place to share

I got shock when one of my friends told me that they can make more than $100 a week just from one paid to upload program . The great news is he told me the secret , and it’s about where you share the stuff .

It’s useless if you got something interesting but don’t know where to share , so I will give you great place to share your stuff : Blog is one of them but not the best place if you don’t have a lot of visitor , I think social networking is a great place now  , forum still have a high rank place to share something but is you smart enough you can share your stuff using mailing list. You can join few mailing lists that have tons of members and share your link there. Proved and quarantine !

3. Get some referral

I must tell you that referral still powerful on paid to upload program , if you have a lot referral then you can share something to them and ask them to share it for you. Nice and easy !

4. Be a specialist – focus , focus and focus

This is not about doctor or other specialist job , but you can create a special site where you can share a lot of useful things. Promote your site to the forum , make people go to your site . I mean whose hate something free?

Well , some of you might already know the tips but never try them before , so I suggest you to test is and see how much you can make if you truly do your hard work.

Note : I got a few paid to share/upload site for you , just choose them from my post bar above. Hope you like them…..

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