Paid to upload is not a small beer – introduce freakshare

Paid to upload is not a small beer – introduce freakshare

Introduce freakshare – easy one click file hosting

Note : For me paid to share and paid to upload is the same program / system

i can’t remember when , but i used to have a mail that said that paid to upload is only ” a small beer ” . people even can’t make a dollar using this system . Do you agree ?

Based from my experience , all making money program can produce a good money if you know how . And this is why i create this blog , to help you maintain your making money program , introduce you new making money program site and add a good tips to boost your earning. So today i will post about freakshare as one of my favorite paid to upload program , read this out .

What is freakshare ?

Freakshare is file hosting that help people upload their file and share it easier . Freakshare is also a neat site to make money online and freakshare using paid to upload system and this mean you can get money if you file downloaded by people.

Why freakshare ? Some Features ?

I copied this from their site , lol.

  • FreakShare is the easiest way to host your data online. Even big files are no problem.
  • Our Service is free, easy and fast. Just select a file and upload it to our Servers.
  • After uploading you can send your Download-Link to your friends or partners.
  • As a premium member you will get many extra features. Click here for more Information.
  • Upload your files via our Remoteupload, Uploadtool or FTP.
  • You can delete, rename, list, order, search or move your files to folders or even other Accounts.
  • Perfect control: Statistics and History of all earnings and actions.
  • Register now for free and start to earn much money – up to 30 Euro for 1000 Downloads.
  • For every advertised premium account you will earn 1 €.
  • Earn 20 % of all earnings from advertised affiliates.

So how much i can make from freakshare ?

See picture bellow for detail information

Your rank mainly depends on your conversion ratio which includes

  1. The ratio of the users that downloaded your files and then become premium.
  2. The ratio of uploaded files to number of downloads.
  3. The rates depends on the status of your account Rank.
  4. Every night our system calculates the productivity of every webmaster and establishes the ranks.
  5. The activity of a user account will be checked every night automaticly and raise or drop down ranks.

For detail information about this , you can visit their faq site

How to make more money from this system / from freakshare ?

This is what you are waiting for right ? I have a basic tips for you , you need to expand it by yourself but this is the key . Do it and you done.

  1. register yourself to a big forum only that have million of member , this will maximize your earning from this system
  2. share files category based on what forum you join . Share music file on music forum , etc
  3. based on ” people experience ” music and porn is the best file to share
  4. don’t forget your social networking such as facebook and twitter . Share link as status , ask your friend to download .
  5. Use Google trend to find out what’s trend now and share what people want.
  6. Find referral to boost your earning

Do you have any proof about this thing ?

I don’t but my friend have , check this out

So what you are waiting for , join freakshare by click link bellow

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