How to Make money with ziddu

How to Make money with ziddu

Great website to start paid to upload program !

What is ziddu ?

Ziddu is making money web using Paid To Upload system that will pay you for “Something” you upload and then the”something” that your upload, download by other people.
This is how look like :
  • First you join Paid to Upload Program
  • Then you have “Something” very interesting to share (something can be : Music , games , picture ,application , eBook , or any file” .
  • upload the file in this website , you can upload as many as you want , there are no limited amount file for you to upload.
  • you will get “download link” ( everyone who want to download your “something” need to click this link”)
  • paste your “download link” to every where you like , in order to wait people to download your “something”
  • The more people download , the more you earn

The tips here is :

you must find what the most people searching for , then you can start upload the file and post your download link , or if you have so many great stuff , like picture , freeware , eBook , you use this website to upload and share it too, and off course make money with it. There is no limited file you can upload so upload as much as you can .post your download link to website that provide free download , forum , or your own website
This is very easy program too, you will get passive income from here . After you upload and paste the link, just wait and check your earning. You can upload more and more to make more money too.

Join this Program Now :

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