Five easiest ways to make money with facebook – make money with facebook

Five easiest ways to make money with facebook – make money with facebook

You wanna make money with facebook – Here Top five ways to try out


I remembered one week ago I have published one article about How to make money with facebook by selling poker chips. the article just rock , it bring lot of positive feedback , lot of people mail me for that and I got lot of traffic from Google also . This means there is lot of people interest with this topic, with how to make money with their facebook account. I bet everyone want to optimize their free account on facebook to make some money, right?

First, please allow me to tell you that I am not a facebook fans and I didn’t make tons of money with facebook but I got one friend of mine that did some great job with facebook and this is what he told me to do if I want to make money with facebook.

Five ways that you may use to make money with your facebook account:

  1. If you love poker then you have a chance to make money by selling your poker chips, I reviewed this before in my recent post (how to make money with facebook by selling poker chips). I have more than ten friends that make money with this way. It just need skill to earn poker chips and then sells it for money. You may feel that this is a little strange way to make money but believe me, I have lot of friend did very well and they just got $ 700 – $1000 just from this way. Unbelievable …… believe it!
  2. So you are affiliate / marketer, well then you can try to sell some stuff with your Facebook account. Just post your affiliate link and give some comment or explanation and you are done. Post affiliate link in your facebook account is just one from lot of way to make money as affiliate. Try it because it worth and free.
  3. Looking for referral? Yeah… facebook is great place to find it. It doesn’t matter what program you join, it can be paid to click, paid to review, paid to survey, etc. if they need you to find some referral so they can give you more money then you have found a nice place to get it, right? Get your friend as your referral is ten times easier than get others… make sense?
  4. Find some advertiser and sponsored. I wonder you heard about sponsoredtweets or not, with sponsoredtweets people can make money by post what advertiser / sponsored want with their twitter account. This is just the same, the key is you must have huge friend in your community and you are ready to go.
  5. Share free stuff for money? I bet you can, with pay per lead program you can share free stuff to your friend. Ask your friend to join the program, and you get money. The key here is you need to find nice pay per lead merchant, find merchant that share a free stuff / free trials, and then ask your friend to try it. this will be the most easy way to make money with facebook and may the most EVIL way to try ….lol

Conclusion: so you already got it right? It’s easy if you know how and it will be more easy if you have at least four digit friends on your facebook account. please note that this is just five top ways to make money with your Facebook account , you may find thousand ways out there , so optimize your facebook account now.

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