sell your stuff on facebook – fun and easy selling tips

sell your stuff on facebook – fun and easy selling tips


OMG , it has been a long time since my last post on my lovely blog . I got more than 12.000 spam comment when I login to my admin menu , got more than 100 new comments . this is a prove that people love my blog more than I can ever think . thanks

so after a long time vacuum from blogging , I will try my best to share my time to blog and this is my brand new post , it’s about facebook and money . check this out.

no one don’t know facebook , rank two site in the world after Google . facebook has become one of the most powerful social networking site in this whole world . you can find a lot of old friend , looking million of new friend and off course make some easy money if you want.

so in this post I will tell you set of fun tips to make money by be a seller on facebook , off course this tips is fun to do and easy to understand.

basic step to be a seller on facebook :

  • must have good stuff to sell ( unique one if good point )
  • provide a good price
  • have lot of friend and good socialist
  • Know you to tag photos

see , it’s very easy to be a seller on facebook . most of people just don’t know how powerful facebook really are.  if you start to interest by selling something on facebook then I will tell you more secret to boost your selling on facebook , read tips bellow carefully .

amazing boost selling tips on facebook :

  1. you can provide a good price just like other but that is not a point of selling on facebook . just like eBay , you need to provide some discount . tell your customer that you have give a big discount , $ 75 to $49 , bla…bla…bla… and you are done
  2. give a special price sometime will boost your reputation on marketplace , off course you are not the only one seller there . so be smart !
  3. sell only one category stuff , example sell only phone accessories . don’t offer a web design  service and phone accessories at the same time at the same account. this will reduce your reputation and make people think that you are not a focus seller. ( by selling only one category stuff will make customer think that you are distributor / main dealer , is that great or what ? )
  4. add as much as you can friend on your neighborhood or worldwide if you sell something that you can deliver worldwide . I usually create a good profile page , complete biodata , good about me page and I am done.
  5. use facebook advertise to help your selling . I have no doubt that this is the best way to double or even triple my selling on facebook
  6. optional : you have your own website , will add more point on your ” reputation page “

as I know , most people join facebook for fun only . even they are seller outside ( eBay seller , Amazon seller ) if you one of those seller then I suggest you to join facebook as a seller . see how facebook selling beat your eBay selling.

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