How to Make money with Associated content

How to Make money with Associated content

Great site to make money if you like to write

Associated content is great program if you like to write , this website paid for every article ,video , audio and image that you post . but the most popular is article , if you like to write , your grammar is great , then you can try to sell your article , this website paid from $1 – $20 / content that you submit. every article that you submit will review by them for about 3-10 day and if your article is unique , you will get paid to you paypal account.

So if you want to know more about associated content , read what they say:

what is associated content: AC’s platform enables anyone to participate in the new content economy by publishing content on any topic, in any format (text, video, audio and images), and connects that content to consumers, partners and advertisers.

  • Sources benefit in three major ways beyond the opportunity to publish: fair payment compensation, online discoverability and distribution through our partner sites.
  • Associated Content publishes authentic, useful and informative content on nearly every conceivable topic, produced by real people sharing real-world expertise from diverse perspectives.
  • The depth and breadth of our library is the perfect match for our partners who desire authentic content for their own websites or to advertise against at If we don’t have the content you need, our Sources can quickly and affordably generate credible, engaging content on any topic.

This is what they say about payment : We offer Upfront Payments ranging from $1 to $20 for certain types of content. All of the content you publish can earn you money via Performance Payments, which currently pays a baseline PPM™ rate of $1.50 for every one thousand page views it receives. The amount of money you can make at Associated Content is unlimited. As you generate more page views, your Clout level rises – and your Performance Payments do too! Some Sources treat Associated Content as their primary source of income and live off their earnings, taking home hundreds in Performance Payments each month. There are many others who consider AC to be a great source of supplementary income.
Conclusion : so clearly you can get money with two way , the first is performance payments ” you will get paid for every thousand page views of your article and the second is upfront payments ” this means you sell your article to them ” and will get paid soon after your article reviewed by them. tips making money from this website :

  • You can focus to this site and make huge money , but make sure you love to write and have a good english grammar , because all article that you post will review by them , and only good article will passed and make you get paid
  • make sure the article that you post is unique and write by yourself , don’t try to copy other people article because they will not pay you for that , and they will know whether your article is original or not.
  • try to write an review about product or situation that trend for this day , this will make them quickly review your article.

Join and make money with your hand NOW.

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