How to make money with comparedbyUS

How to make money with comparedbyUS

Again , great site to make money online by review

There are so many people out there make money by writing , some of them write an article and sold it , some of them write a review about another website and get money from paid to promote program , and in this page you will learn how to make money by review products , and what is great about this is , you don’t need any website or blog to start it , just join and start write any product and get paid from it ,this is really great program to make money , imagine you only need to write review about your own product and get paid ( you can write product that not own by you but you really know about that product too) okay let’s start then!

What is ComparedbyUS ?

If you know CIAO then this is something like that, this is paid to review site , you will paid for every review you done in this site , there is more than ten thousand member in this site make hundred of dollars per week , include me .  if you don’t want to make money you can use this site as information site about more than hundred thousand of product , you can shopping here , compare price of product you want to but , read people review about product , get real info and etc .

Here is what they say about them

ComparedBy.Us is an online comparison shopping engine that does not
sell products directly and has no affiliation with any individual
manufacturers. Our goal is to provide factual, up-to-date product
information and pricing in order to help online consumers make a
purchase decision.

How the great way to make money from this site ?

There is two kind of review in this site , quick review and extended review , so quick review is when you write only 250 -1000 words about a product , and extended review is when yo write more than 1000 words about a product , you will get paid $0.25 for every quick review you done , but if you done a extended review , you can make $ 1 from it. i think that is not hard to make 1000 words review about a product that you really know about it. and the great of this site is , when you are the first one that review a product that never review in this site before you will earn more $ 1 , so this is really great . you can more than thousand list of product that still don’t have any review , and make a new review about it.

but there is something you really need to know about review is , you must write your own review , don’t copy other people in other website review , your account can get banned , and you are not allowed to post your review that you already post here to another similiar site. and the last thing about your review is you can edit your review anytime you want after your post it.

Join this great site now and make money by review !


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