How to make more money from bukisa – online writing project

How to make more money from bukisa – online writing project

Maximize your writing skill to make more money from bukisa


Most people think that make money online need a blog. You might one of them that think about join paid to review site like review me, pay per post, sponsored review to make a little dollar. But based on what I know, only 10% can really make money from those paid to review site.

I bet you know that joining paid to review program require a good blog , fluent in English  , nice page rank , great writing skill and off course most of us ( I mean noob ) don’t have that , am I right ? So what is the solution? Is there any other way to make money using your writing skill? The answer is sure you have the options. Bukisa is what you need (click here to read my previous review about bukisa).

This is what I found from bukisa – another way to earn more money from online writing project

Yeah, if you love to write then you have a big chance to earn thousands dollar every month just by using your writing skill. Accordance with my previous explanation, you can make money by write a useful article. You earn money based on how many people view your article. But If you want to make more money from bukisa then you can choose thousands of online writing project provide on bukisa , there are so many project there  , most of them ( I tried some of them already ) are easy to do , you don’t need to be an expert to write the project . See picture bellow:


Note:  some of the project need a writer for a long term relationship, is this great or not?

Tips to get projects from bukisa

I have tried some of projects already and most of them are easy to handle. I even didn’t find any difficult to make them accept me as a writer. If you want to try bukisa, I have little tips for you:

  1. First thing you must do before choose any project is read their explanation, know what is they need from you.
  2. If you have understand what they want. Now it’s the time to think about yourself, is your writing skill good enough for the project? Is your English fluent enough? Understanding yourself will make sure you get the project.
  3. Price is not everything, remember this! Experience is the thing here. Once you already did a lot project then get another project (I mean higher payment project) shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Well, that is what I got. I have told you all you need to make money as a writer, know it’s your turn to prove yourself, try your writing skill and make more money online.

Here try bukisa – nice paid to write site

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