Pure home job – Make money with constant content

Pure home job – Make money with constant content

This is Totally Pure home job , Be a Writter !


If you are writer, maybe article writer there are some way make money on internet, example using paid to review program like payperpost, bloggitive, comparedby, ciao, and the other is you can sell your article to associated content and make a little dollar, If you are true writer this site is Super GREAT For you to make money, read this bellow and you will know why?

What is Constantcontent?

When the first time I visit this site, I was thinking this is forum, but this wasn’t. Constant content is a place where people can request to buy articles and contents. But if you are writer you can make money as an author in this site, this is great site to start your home job as writer, as you know content / article is important for every website owner, then the website owner will come to this place and looking for paid writer to create unique and useful article for them, it’s mean they request article from you. If you are writer in this site you can easily found so many request, I got ten requests a day. each request have its own reward  , some of them have $50 reward , so it’s means if you doing that job you can make $50 for single article . What a great!

This is request job in my inbox

Many of home job seeker loves this site, why? Because you don’t need any blog or website to make money, just create an account and waiting for job / article request, write and get paid

Another way makes money with this site?

There are a lot way to make money with this site , the first is you can do a request job from magazines owner , website/blog owner and get paid , and the other is you can write an article and sold it to people that need it .

What is the key to make money with this site?

  • Good grammar and creative is a must, you must create an article based on request. article must unique and have good information inside
  • Be active as writer , more than author / writer has join this site , you must be an active writer to every job that come to you
  • Reputation , if you always create a good article and sold it , you can have a good reputation , it’s means people will always looking for request article from you , you will flood with job

What offers for website owner?

If you are website owner and want to find writer for your site, this is great place too, you can make a job to writer and give a request article to them, let say you need an article about “home decoration ” you can start create a job and set a reward for writer . You can choose best article and paid them, this is really great for you because you can get full right article with totally unique and useful.

Conclusion: This is really great site to make money if you are writer, this site is really neat, and both of writer / author and customer will get great benefit by join this site.

Join now, click this pic bellow!


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