How to make money from Oxado | Another great payperclick site

How to make money from Oxado | Another great payperclick site

Another great pay per click program !

For every one love pay per click program , here great one to use !
What is oxado ?
Oxado actually almost the same with Google ad sense  (for those who do not know,google adsense is a pay per click money program , this means you will make money for every click from your visitor to google adsense ads on your website)
But oxado have more “good looking” ads / ads text form, this site have banner that can make your web / blog you will be more beautiful (at least more professional look) .
Don’t worry if you are already be google adsense publisher , because you can use oxado and adsense at the same time . If you have a big website and need more ads to put in your website , you can combine google adsense and oxado at the same time . and maybe can increase your revenue.

How to use oxado ?

1. SIGN UP as usual by clicking banner / image at the bottom of this page, you will be brought to the SIGN UP page to fill in all the data yourself, just fill in the correct / you must include complete address of your blog (because your blog will be in review team’s visit oxado) so make sure before your first blog, neat, all the links work correctly, and have public ate
2. SIGN UP to finish, as usual activation link is sent to the email that you use the SIGN UP before, just click the link then you will take it in to your account
3. From your account page here you can start requesting banner, but of course you first need to register your blog first, it’s easy, fill the simple form. once completed then you can start installing banner
4. Click on “ADD A BARNER” continue to live your instructions just click the next to the “GET HTML CODE” well after you click this it will be there html code that you must copy and paste to a blog / website you .. … and you are finished adding 1 to banner blog / web your 5. You can add banner as much as you want.


  1. you will paid after your blog / web that you have listed in oxado approved by the team, so prepare your blog as good as you can
  2. Many or at least your income depends on the number of visitors click on a web / blog to your banner oxado.
  3. Very simple to use oxado banner this. Depending on your placement banner place where the blog / website is your

To join now simply click:

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