Kontera | Pay per Click Program with Content links ads and high CTR prove

Kontera | Pay per Click Program with Content links ads and high CTR prove

When you need lot of strategy with Google adsense  , kontera don’t need any except traffic


Many years ago, Pay Per Click program has been very successfully get lot of publishers and advertisers. Kontera is one of the best for sure, actually I was late to use kontera service on my blog but I am happy I have used them now.

I’m sure you know that lot of people (I means blogger and site owner here) already failed with Google adsense, I wonder you are one of them or not. If you are one of them please don’t upset, read this entire post and you will understand what to do?

What is kontera?

Kontera is one of the best pay per click making money program that I love very much and I always recommend to anyone include my royal reader . When Google adsense publishers need lot of strategy to increase CTR then with kontera you will only need traffic and leave kontera take care the rest.

Kontera with Automatically Content links will Generate High Click-Through Rates (CTR)

This is unique feature on kontera, Kontera Content Link maximizes advertising revenue by running In-Text Advertising alongside existing banner, text, or other ad units.

Almost forget , here is what they say about them :

Kontera is a leading provider of  In-Text contextual advertising and information services based on patent-pending technology that maximizes relevancy and yield for online advertisers, publishers, and users.

What benefit for being kontera publisher ?

This is the benefit you will get after being their publisher , and the benefit that make me love kontera very much :

  • Automatically convert your content to be content link ads on your website
  • No need any strategy , no need to choose ads shape .this means easy to implement
  • High CTR : content links work perfect on every site/blog and guarantee will increase your CTR
  • They have a lot benefit for publishers like you and me . really , read all of them when you become one of kontera publishers

About the payment :

You can choose PayPal to receive your payment and you will get paid after reach $100 on your account.

Join them now . See how much you can make with great content link ads on your site !



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