Make money from one of the biggest Pay Per Click Site | Adbrite

Make money from one of the biggest Pay Per Click Site | Adbrite

One of the best site on pay per click network | Adbrite

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Pay per click probable is the biggest make money program in the world , you can easily found adbrite and adsense publishers anywhere. Even for me adsense is still the biggest pay per click site but I found that adbrite has their own unique and I suggest new blogger to join adbrite because beginner will more easy to join adbrite than adsense.

Today I will review about adbrite , if you never join any pay per click program yet then you can read my review about them and be their publishers.

What is adbrite ?

No doubt , adbrite is Huge pay per click network .They has more than one hundred thousand publisher on their network now ( 109.151 is the exact number when I write this post ). A lot of big site already join their network as advertisers and publishers such as eBay , Lycos , dig , woman’s day and many more.

What great offer they have for publishers ?

Even you are a new publisher you can get the same benefit with others publishers that already join their network for long time, here is what you can get as a publisher:

  • Get ads from thousands of advertisers, including top brands.
  • Optimize results with full transparency and control.
  • Try out a full suite of ad formats.

How to start ?
Join adbrite network is easier than adsense , all you need to do is click banner bellow and fill sign up form in their site. As long as your blog has several contents , adbrite will give you a chance to be their publisher.
What unique with adbrite ?
When we talk about ad format , I found that adbrite is better than adsense , they have six ad format such as : text ads , Banner ads , Rich Media Ads , Full page Ads , Inline ads , BritePic. Actually BritePic ad is very interesting , this is new ad format on adbrite and adsense doesn’t have it .
What is BritePic ?
Just like I said before , Britepic is new ad format on adbrite and you will never found this ad format on Google ( or maybe everywhere ) with Britepic you can make money with your own picture . Great huh !

My conclusion:  After you read my review above, you can clearly see that adbrite is care to their publishers. They have more flexible ad format and off course this will make you easier to earn money from them.

I recommend you to join them, click banner bellow is the first step!


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