Now you can make more money from your twitter account – More update from Revtwt

Now you can make more money from your twitter account – More update from Revtwt

Revtwt provide new system for make money online with your tweets


I remembered three month ago, I have reviewed about this site “how to make money with your twitter account – with revtwt “. Honestly I was not focus with this site because I prefer to use sponsoredtweets for make money with my twitter account but since I know that RevTwt has improved their system, I just got interest with them now and you may have the same idea after read my post. Read what you can get with their new improvement on this post.

RevTwt provide new referral system call elite twitterers program

This is awesome, beside old referral system now you can make more money with this new referral system. Elite twitterers program just rock and you will not find it everywhere , you can earn double money from your referral with this program .

Here is what RevTwt say about this program :

New Elite Twitterers Program: Earn at least twice as much from Elite Ads. How to become Elite: No spamming (ads not more than 20% of your tweets), no click fraud and more than 8,000 followers.

Now you can make money by sending greeting

This is the second improvement from revtwt , yeah you right , now you can make money by sending greetings to your twitter friend. I am really interest with this new program , just cool if you know you can make money by sending a free greeting card to you friend , right ?

This is what RevTwt say about greeting program :

What is a Twitter Greeting?

A Twitter Greeting is an electronic greeting card that you can send one or more friends on Twitter. It is very easy to use and you can upload your own image to make a personalized Twitter Greeting card.

How to make money by sending Twitter Greetings?

Log in to our partner before you start create your greeting card. Sign up for a Revtwt account if you do not have one. When your friends view the greeting card you created, ads will be shown on the page. If your friends click on the ads, you will get paid.

Note that it is important that you do not encourage your friends to click on the ad in any manner. Their clicks must be entirely voluntary and out of their true interest. If the person clicking on the ad does not stay long enough on the advertiser’s site, you will not be paid. If the system detects any suspicious click patterns, all your earnings may be forfeited.

This is just example when I send greeting to john chow ( you know john chow right ? )


Note : if john chow open my greeting card and click the ads ,  I will earn money…lol

Conclusion : I believe RevTwt has doing a great job. Their new improvement just rock. I don’t think other site  the same program have this system . But I always encourage you to read their TOS and FAQ for more information .

Make money with revtwt now

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