All about Google caffeine – New Search engine from Google

All about Google caffeine – New Search engine from Google

New engine means more powerful, faster and more accurate


Two days ago I have reviewed about the big war between Microsoft Bing and Google caffeine.  It’s not fair if I don’t review about Google caffeine (because I have review about Bing in my older post). This time I will review about Google “new sandbox “call Google caffeine, so you can compare both of them

Google “sandbox “call caffeine.

Google has answered the call of war from Microsoft Bing by created a new engine call sandbox or caffeine. Google said that this new engine will provide better search result with faster time and accurate data. I am really interested with what Google said so I have tried their new engine and compare with the old one, here is what I got.

Faster and greater result  with Google sandbox

  • The first picture show you the new Google sandbox search result when I typed my site :
  • The second picture show the old engine from Google when I typed the same keyword



This is what I found from about the search result:

  1. Look like Google with new engine is faster than old one ( see how fast Google sandbox provide the search result )
  2. Google sandbox provide more accurate , you can see different result from both of them
  3. Google sandbox found better result, see how many result Google sandbox can found than old one.

Conclusion: Google caffeine will be the new phenomenal this year and it look like Google has changed some algorithm for their new engine to provide better result.  We need to learn more about their new system for sure. Do you think so?

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