Beware from twitter scam service – optimize your twitter

Beware from twitter scam service – optimize your twitter

Scams are everywhere and Now they target on twitter member


Knowing the fact that twitter has become super powerful social networking site , tons of scammer has growing recently .we can easily find hundred of sites that offering us great twitter advanced feature , followers packet , auto follower builder and other powerful feature that probably can change your mind from the true fact about what is real twitter function is.

Read this before it’s too late

I got two email from my reader that complained one site (I have to keep it as a secret before I can prove it by myself) which offering twitter member an advanced feature to build follower faster than normal. They dare to offer 10.000 follower in one day (I wonder who can reject this) but you know what, finally almost all member in this site get banned by twitter.

So what’s the point? All members didn’t get anything except losing all their followers in one day.

This is what you need to know about twitter

If you are sure want to build strong follower list then start it slowly is the best you can do, be selective and choose only targeted follower.

This is a little tip from me and hope can give you some idea:

  1. Put twitter button on your blog so your blog reader can follow you (you will get targeted followers with this)
  2. Follow people that have the same interest with you. (They will follow you back)
  3. Never join any site that claims they can give you tons of followers in very short time. Even they can do it, twitter will know it and banned you from their network
  4. Don’t spam / tweet useless things or people will “unfollowing” you.

Conclusion: beware of site that claim can give advanced twitter feature, most of them are scams and once you pays them you will get nothing.

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