Bing versus Google for the most powerful search engine

Bing versus Google for the most powerful search engine

Search engine war farm has begun – guess who will win!


It has been couple of month since Microsoft launched their new search engine based on semantic concepts, Bing. Microsoft believe that bing will provide more better search result with their new engine and said bing not as search engine but decision engine. Bing is the newest update from Microsoft live which almost die in this day.

Google caffeine just launched several days ago. Tons of Google fans have waited to use this “new” Google. Do you think that Google caffeine is created to fight against Bing? The answer can be yes or can be no and No one can explain that.

More feature from BING – human friendly decision engine

I love Bing just like I love Google; Bing with their new engine has changed million of internet users about the meaning of search engine really are. Bing has provide lot of new feature with nice and friendly interface (you can read more my review about Bing as decision engine here)

My conclusion about Bing: they really do a great job. Bing database growing everyday and this means you will find more better and accurate result for the keyword you type on it.

The king of search engine – Google still the number one

I remembered when I start this blog six month ago , Google still own rank two on alexa rank after yahoo , but now Google has be the number one. So you can clearly see how can Google with only search feature on their home page can beat yahoo that have tons of feature on the homepage. This shows us how popular search engine is.

My conclusion about Google: I think Google will still wearing the world champion belt for best search engine title for at least five years. I got new info from my favorite computer magazine that told me Google own 81% search engine market and bing only have 3% .

It doesn’t matter who will win the war, internet use have the full right to decide which the best is for them. I have my own choice and I think you too.

Which one will win? It’s really not a matter.

Let the war begin, no one from us will lose. It doesn’t matter Google of Bing will win the war. Blogger will always win with their blog. Do you think so?

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