I more than just a smart search engine | Advertising with Bing I more than just a smart search engine | Advertising with Bing

Bing Advertiser | Promote your product with the power of microsoft


Nine hours ago , I have review about , which is a smart search engine from Microsoft . Why I say Bing is smart ?  You can read my review about them to know more about Bing as search engine . Now I will review Bing from other side (not as search engine ) but more to excellent advertising place.

Bing advertiser , not bad or excellent ?

Bing advertiser is a feature from for every internet users who want to promote something  using their system.

How it works ?

If you use goggle adwords before then you will not have any difficult with Bing . this is because Bing has similar system with Google adwords which you can choose keyword to use , set budget for promote , bid keyword you want  , set price for every keyword and done. Your product will be around the world.

Just like Google ad sense , in you will have ad center . With ad center you can :

  • Campaign Management – Create ads; enter, import, and edit keywords; start and pause ad campaigns.
  • Accounts & Billing – Create and manage accounts, and view billing invoices and monthly charges.
  • Research – Investigate keyword statistics and demographics.
  • Reports – View detailed reports about your advertising campaigns.

Conclusion : Bing is new search engine and advertiser but they are powerful ( they are made by Microsoft team ) . Advertising with them may have a very good impact to your earning . I suggest you to try them and compare with others like Google adwords.

Visit their site for more information



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