| New search engine from Microsoft now going live | New search engine from Microsoft now going live

Now Google have new enemy | from Microsoft


The world has new search engine, which is very powerful search engine call Bing. Bing which born from Microsoft is a search engine that finds and organize the answers you need , so you can get faster , more informed decisions and also have more option to choose .

What unique on Bing?

Bing have new feature which you can set your own preferences before use it to search something, at Bing preferences you can set:

  • How many results you want to show on each page, you can choose between 10, 15, 30 and 50.
  • Choose to limit your search based on language. You can choose more than 40 languages on Bing.
  • Choose the language for the display and layout of Bing.

Another unique on Bing?

Bing has its own blog, you can visit their blog for more information, any news and update about Bing, join Bing community and Learn lot of useful information. (I Visit their blog every day, looking for new information and update about

Here is how Bing blog look like.


Actually Bing have another great service which you can use to promote your product or anything and I will review it in my next post ( promise you )

Visit Bing now, have new experience using search engine with Bing



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