Earningstep December earning report – New project more money

Earningstep December earning report – New project more money

I got more projects this month that’s mean more money


December was a great month for every people. It was a holiday month, a party month, a Holy month and for me, December was great time to earn money online. I think I have become a full time blogger and web designer, I have done three projects at November and got four new projects at December, that made me got more than hundred dollars. Huge money huh?

I got good news and bad news at December

Even my earning was increase. My blog stats didn’t have the same result. The traffic has decrease if compare with November traffic stats and alexa rank just got the same bad news. Here is the detail of my blog statistic for December.

Traffic stats from awstat

Note: the traffic decreased from 24k to 20k, is this because of holiday?

My alexa rank for December


Note: it was decreased from 109.805. To 119.275. Bad huh?

My Earning report at December 2009

Just like I said above, I got four new projects at December and that made me earn more 250 dollars than last month. The biggest earning still comes from Google adsense {my favorite make money program}. The same thing happened with my affiliate program and blog earning. So I still happy with December report because even the blog stats was decrease but my monthly earning was increase, what do you think buddy?

  • Pay per click = Google adsense $1,733.12 ( from my other blog )
  • Affiliate program = $ 179 ( not bad  )
  • Sponsored post and banner =  $ 150 (  it’s not from this blog )
  • My private Project = $ 1,000 ( I love this )

This is some of my project, take a look:


NOTE : The first image you saw at the top of the post is another one.

December top commentator – thanks for everything.

Here is top commentators for December and three top winner still got the same prize “free advertise / banner on my sidebar “. So please the winner, send me your best looking banner and I will put them live on 11 January 2010.

  1. Lakhyajyoti
  2. Saksham | Blogging Junction
  3. Blogging Tips
  4. Dana @ Online Knowledge
  5. Cantabro
  6. Fazreen
  7. BestofBlogger
  8. Essay Writing
  9. Isaac | GoBlogger
  10. Kalvster

as my promised , there will be a best commentator this month and i have decided for the winner of best commentator of december. the winner is Saksham | Blogging Junction . i will review saksham blog by myself as the prize.

My big hope for january : hope i got more quality comment for my reader because i think all good comment will make the commentator earn more quality point for theirself , more traffic , more prize from me and off course good point from blogospehere.

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