January earning report – My best earning so far

January earning report – My best earning so far

More money from membership site – more money from eBay

January was the best month for me so far, yeah off course, I made more $ 1,500 thousands dollar than previous month (December) just because of my new membership site, supersatelittv dot com.  even I got some bad news such as earningstep traffic rank and alexa rank but I think this is because of I have to busy to earning around so didn’t have too much time to running this blog.

So here we are, earningstep traffic rank for January:

Traffic stats from awstats

Note: the traffic decreased from 20k to 19k

January alexa rank for earningstep dot com

Note: it was decreased from 119.275. To 146.321 really Bad huh?

My earning report for January 2010

New Year, new month, new site, new make money source….lol. Yeah just like I’ve told you above, I made more $1,500 than previous month just because of my new membership site.  I think this is great because all the money that I got is come from very easy way, I just can’t believe how powerful a membership site can get me money.

  • Pay per click = Google adsense $1,124,06 ( from my other blog )
  • Affiliate program = $ 211 ( getting better  )
  • Sponsored post and banner =  $ 120 (  from this blog )
  • My private Project = $ 750 ( Nice )
  • Membership site ( supersatelitTV.com) = More than $ 1,500 , $917 on paypal and  $600 on my private bank account ( Totally love this )

January top commentator and new prize

This is top ten commentators for January; top three winners still get their prize (free advertiser banner on my sidebar). So send me your best banner (you can send your banner to cienik@earningstep.com )

  1. Blogging Tips
  2. Lakhyajyoti
  3. Saksham Talwar
  4. Dana @ Blogging Update
  5. Free Vector Graphics
  6. Lee Ka Hoong
  7. Fazreen
  8. Paul@Diabetis
  9. WordPress Layouts
  10. Marlene

Just like what I’ve promised last week, I will give a new prize for the best commentator for January, the prize is one free membership on supersatelittv.com, but I think it’s hard to find best commentator for January so I decided to give one quiz for all my reader, a simple question about supersatelittv.com, who is the fastest one to answer the question will win free membership on supersatelittv.com

The question is: how many software you can get if become a member on supersatelittv.com and how many channels you can watch using the software?

You can give your best answer by comment on this post

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