Microsoft Bing | from search engine to Decision engine

Microsoft Bing | from search engine to Decision engine

Bing from Microsoft as a decision engine| Better or Worse ?

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I have reviewed about the new bing from Microsoft several times in this blog but this is not because they already sent a lot of traffic for me (event the truth is I got more traffic from them than Google) but because they have added great feature for their new search engine and this make them call their self not a search engine but Decision Engine.

What’s new on Bing?

Bing use semantic web based from prowerset for their new Decision engine. with this new “engine ” user will have more better search result and hey they even have better looking than Google !

The fact is Bing better from their old search engine live search!

Live search is old search engine and I know they are great but not great enough to beat Google or even yahoo search. I am sure you are agreeing with me, do you? And this make Microsoft think that they need new search engine to dominate the internet. This is why Bing is created.

Even bring is still beta, I found that they are good enough to provide a good search result. (See picture bellow for example when I search “as roma “as keyword )


Bing VS Google, who is the winner?

Even Google is still the best but I think Bing with their Decision engine will have a great chance to be the number one in the future

Conclusion: Forget about live search and use Bing for better result.


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