Nine amazing facts about email – Just or fun

Nine amazing facts about email – Just or fun

The most amazing facts about email that you should know


Email is like daily stuff for blogger or other internet users, for me it’s like a cup of coffee every morning, lunch every evening and dinner at every night. Checking email account everyday is our routine activities, no one knows whether they win prizes or maybe get upset news from email.

If you are email lover, I have some facts for you about email; I got this from chip as one of the best computer magazine in my country. Enjoy this!

Nine amazing facts about email:

  1. Email is the biggest service used by millions of people in the world. There is 1,400 million of email account and 1,300 million of email users
  2. The @ symbol was created at 2004. Which inspired from Morse code, combination from A and C character. The Morse code is.–.-.
  3. The first email spam is send by Gary thuerk at 3 may 1978. He sent computer advertisement to 600 American peoples
  4. AOL study said that 67% of email users open their email account on their bed.
  5. At 1960, Ray Samuel Tomlinson created CPYNET to send file between two computers. But he couldn’t Remembered what he sent for the first time.
  6. I receive more than 100 email everyday and 10% of the emails are spam (I don’t know when this will over) and what about you?
  7. USA president email account, was created at 1993 and only used twice.
  8. Emotion that we use on email was created at 12 April 1979 by kevon McKenzie. He was created emotion to make the communications on email more fun.
  9. Email was one of the most popular stuff in last three year besides Chatting. Facebook and twitter (social networking) then wordpress and blogspot (blog) is the most popular this time

Really nice to know the funny truth about email…huh? Check your email know, you may found a lucky email today….who know?

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