Now you can make money with myblog2day – new and simple affiliate program

Now you can make money with myblog2day – new and simple affiliate program

Earn up to 70% commission from every sales you did from myblog2day affiliate program


I bet you heard about lee before with his make money blog ” myblog2day” , last month lee just started to use thesis theme for his blog and the latest new I got from lee blog is about his new affiliate program and this is open for every people , include my reader..Lol

Lee affiliate program is simple as you think, you make a sales and lee give you commission. Simple right ? Here I will provide the detail information about how to make money with lee new affiliate program  ( I copied it from lee blog ) read this.

It’s pretty simple to get started with MyBlog2Day Affiliate Program and begin to make money online, simply follow the steps below :

  1. Sign Up MyBlog2Day Affiliate Program
  2. After signing up, you’ll be redirected to your Account and you’ll see your affiliate link. The affiliate link will redirect your customer to the Advertise page.Affiliate Link:
  3. Promote your affiliate link by writing a blog post, placing banner ads, placing text links, twittering, and the like.
  4. People who visit my blog through your affiliate link, and order banner ads in MyBlog2Day, then your Affiliate Account will be credited with your earning.

How much publisher can get ?

It’s great affiliate program because you can earn at least 50% commission from every sales you did for myblog2day. You can get up to 70% if you did 3 sales in one month , not bad .

Why you must try this ?

You know about clickbank and you must hear about 80% of their member make nothing even joined their affiliate program for years. Clickbank is a huge affiliate network and their support team is suck , lee new affiliate program is totally different , lee will answer what you need to know about his new program , you can ask anything about this affiliate program personally .

And now the best offer from me and lee

Get 50% discount if you buy any product from lee such as sponsored review , banner ads , text link and others from my affiliate link ( i use my commission for the discount itself , so sweet huh ) .

This is not a sponsored review , I review lee new affiliate program because of the valuable of the product itself , what I am thinking about this is you can promote yourself and make money at the same time with myblog2day as one of best make money tutorial blog.

Join lee affiliate program now or CLICK HERE TO GET 50% discount to promote your own product

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