Share a little about my Computer – My core i5 Rig

Share a little about my Computer – My core i5 Rig

I am using this computer to make thousands every month


Well , after a month sharing about make money with Google adsense , I think this is a great time to have some break time and share a little topic about me and my hobby , opss… not .. Not about make money online, I mean I love make money online but this is something else, it’s about gadget, especially computer stuff. in my latest post about me , I have share my favorite phone which is Nokia 8800 gold and today I will share my favorite RIG , a Perfect Cpu for gamer and money maker like me…lol ( it’s true , if you want to focus on make money online , then you need a fast CPU …lol )

Okay, let’s start with the stuff that I am using on to build the CPU:

  1. Motherboard = DFI Lanparty P55 1156 socket for core i5( best motherboard for overclocker )
  2. Processor = Intel core i5 ( great combination with the motherboard)
  3. Power Supply =  Corsair TX750 watt ( what could be better than corsair ? )
  4. Vga card = Zotac GTX 260 AMP edition (  I don’t need to overclock it anymore )
  5. Soundcard = onboard ( hey… it’s XFI fidelity comes with the motherboard )
  6. Cpu cooler = standard ( I will change it soon , prefer to use thermalright )
  7. Harddisk = 2x 1 terra byte Seagate ( I need more than storage to save my files )
  8. Drive = asus dvdrw + lg dvdrw ( I am thinking about blueray …maybe next week )
  9. Memory = 2x 2GB patriot gaming
  10. Casing = powerlogic ultima warrior ( it’s a heavy thing )
  11. Fan = 1 x 12cm fan mod ( I can show my name on the fan ) and 5 x 8cm led fan
  12. Memory fan : corsair dominator fan
  13. Other : hardcano 12 for fan controlling and thermaltake from speaker
  14. Speaker : edifier 5.1 ( I forgot the model…bad me )
  15. LCD : :LG 19″ pure HD ( I love it model not the size )
  16. Mouse : Point of view laser mouse
  17. Keyboard : Logitech internet edition
  18. Mouse pad : razzer speed control

Here is my CPU picture , hope you enjoy my picture just like i do…

dsc00372 dsc00373

Power supply + processor + mod x fan + HDD area

dsc00374 dsc00370

RIG view at the dark and light

Full view of my computer

I have a great computer but I am thinking to have another one

Well , I think that is a long list right , it show how much I love to mod my computer . I am thinking to build another computer with higher spec next month , I might need about $2.000 for special high end computer build with x58 chipset and core i7 , what do you think ?

If you are modding master or overclock expert, you can give me your suggestion and I will really thanks for that…please give me your best comment on this special post.

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