Visit New yahoo homepage for more feature and better looking

Visit New yahoo homepage for more feature and better looking

New yahoo homepage – better or nothing different!

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If you are yahoo fans then I am sure you heard about their new homepage which look nicer and actually faster to load at my Mozilla browser. I have visited their new homepage twice to see what new on the new homepage and find what I can get in order to review about them here, here is the result.

Yahoo really knows how to choose colors!

Colors is really important for big site like yahoo when millions of peoples visit their homepage every day, I know yahoo don’t want to screw them with ugly color. Choosing a really nice color seems like not a big deal for yahoo team, they even create a new feature which people can choose their own favorite color for yahoo homepage.

The biggest improvement from Yahoo!

Color is the first think I saw on yahoo homepage and I surprised to know that they even add a great feature ( I call it auto view ) , this feature will allow visitors to switch the windows by moving the mouse pointer over the yahoo favorite link ( see picture bellow for more detail )


This is what happened when I moved my mouse pointer over the horoscope link (really nice, agree?)

Hey they even allow you to see how they made it!

Again, yahoo new homepage really surprised me. They allow visitor to see how they can created a nice new yahoo homepage. I watch the video three times and amazed with what I seen, it’s really fun to see the professional doing their job.

Note: I think yahoo will have a better new homepage if they create a new logo, hahahahaha (just kidding)

Visit new yahoo homepage! I am sure you will love it just like you love my blog.


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