SuperSatelitTV dot com as my new online store – i bought my own project

SuperSatelitTV dot com as my new online store – i bought my own project

Watch TV online for free on your laptop and PC


Remember picture above ? yeah , this is one of my project which I built for my customer but guess what , my customer re-sell the project one month after he paid $250 to me so I just bought all the project include hosting , domain and all content for only $100.

So this is all about….. My new site:

  • Site domain:
  • Domain and site age: two month
  • Description: selling satellite software which enable people to watch more than 3000 TV channel from 78 country around the world on pc/ laptop for free.
  • Language: Indonesian (but you can choose your own language by clicking your country flags on the sidebar)

Good news for me and good news for you too.

Since I own the project and all the content inside (include the satellite TV software). I am trying and focus to sell the product online using view PPC network such as Google adwords, kliksaya, adsensecamp and facebook advertising, I also try to resell the product on eBay. Guess what, I made more than 250$ in just four day. That’s insane; I just love this new job.

And the good news for earningstep royal reader is, one best commentator this month will win a free membership from me. As a winner you can download all the software and watch more than 3000 TV channels including : sport , ADULT , news , TV series , comedy , horror , fashion , music , etc.

Note: I will choose only one best commentator this month to win a free membership on , so make sure you give your best one every time leaves a comment on this blog…lol

More about

This site is only a simple online store using membership system. I built this site using wordpress and some free plugin from wordpress (I will tell you how to make a simple online store using wordpress in my next post and how I can change a simple online store to a great making money machine). The main thing from this online store is the colorful background and own made header image.

Other thing you might want to know from the software:

I just found a great thing about the software itself, yeah and I bet you will love it….lol. With super satellite TV software you can have the access to more than 50 adult Channel, it plays adult movie for 24 hours nonstop. What could be better than this…?

Next post: I will tell you how to create a simple online store with few free plugin from wordpress and how to promote your online store with only a little budget.

Here come and visit my new online store and tell me what you think about it.


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