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One of the biggest problem that i always hear from people that make money from internet is the don’t have their own blog and most of the problem is simple things like they don’t know how to start, what to do for the first time, how to install the wordpress engine, how to pointing the domain, FTP, and some simple thing that maybe for some people is not easy to understand.So, because i understand how to do this then i decided to make this new service, yes i will help you to ” Start your blog Today “.

How to ” Start your blog today”

Simple, you buy hosting using the coupon “ earningstep25 ” and mail me your email address then i will start to help you build your blog. Here is the detail about ” Start your blog today program ”

  1. You will use hostgator hosting ( one of the best and biggest hosting service that i ever know ) they host all my domain.
  2. you can choose any package of hostgator hosting and use my discount coupon to buy
  3. you will get 25% discount using my discount coupon
  4. you wont lost anything by using my dicount coupon but get my free installation service for your first blog.
  5. you will get Full facility from hostgator based on the package you buy
  6. you will get best plugin to start your blog ( install by me )
  7. you can discuss about how to maximize the potential of your blog to make more money online

Here is the screenshot of hostgator hosting package :

Are you ready to start your own blog today – Get my free wordpress installation service with 25% discount plus best plugin to start your blog today .

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