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2 days ago I have publish my post about How to prevent plagiarism and fight against with copycat with copyscape. I got lot of mail and say thanks to me about this post, and I am very happy about your response,

Here I will tell you [...]

Copyscape | great service to protect your blog from plagiarism and copycat

Prevent your “hard work” from copycat and plagiarism

Every blogger know what copycat is , and off course real blogger hate copycat , because copycat always copy your article and post it in their own blog without any permission , without write the article real source / author , This is why I hate [...]

Learn more about plagiarism and How to prevent your blog from it

Learn more about plagiarism and how to prevent them

What is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is bad thing, copies other people article without any permission from the author or without put any link source, and people who love plagiarism are call copycat. Copycat copy your original article and post it in their blog and even worst they [...]