How to boost your earning on paid to upload program – four killer tips available

Share your stuff for money – boost your paid to upload earning

I bet you know what is paid to upload , probably one of easiest  make money program . Every single of new money maker try this system before , include me . But based on my experience , make money from paid [...]

Try to find the best hosting for blogging – you can help me

Help me to find the best hosting for blogging

Blog for many years didn’t make me realize about how important hosting is. In this few weeks I realized that my blog have a problem with the hosting I am using. It feel so slow when I try to access my wordpress dashboard and [...]

How to create a membership site – part two

I made it and know it’s your turn – create your own membership site

If you have a dream about creating small membership site to earn thousands of dollars every single month, now you have a big chance for that. I will reveal how easy to create a membership site using your existing wordpress blog. [...]

January earning report – My best earning so far

More money from membership site – more money from eBay

January was the best month for me so far, yeah off course, I made more $ 1,500 thousands dollar than previous month (December) just because of my new membership site, supersatelittv dot com.  even I got some bad news such as earningstep traffic rank [...]

How to create a membership site using wordpress – part one

Create a membership site in one day – here is how it done

At my latest post , I have told people about my new online store call ” ” . If you have visited the site , sure you can see that is a simple online store that using membership [...]

SuperSatelitTV dot com as my new online store – i bought my own project

Watch TV online for free on your laptop and PC

Remember picture above ? yeah , this is one of my project which I built for my customer but guess what , my customer re-sell the project one month after he paid $250 to me so I just bought all the project include hosting , [...]