Try to find the best hosting for blogging – you can help me

Help me to find the best hosting for blogging

Blog for many years didn’t make me realize about how important hosting is. In this few weeks I realized that my blog have a problem with the hosting I am using. It feel so slow when I try to access my wordpress dashboard and [...]

Kill more with Mouse Razer Lachesis – from gamers by gamers

Razer Lachesis – bringer of silent death

Yesterday, I just got my brand new mouse called Lachesis. An excellent mouse that have all I need to help my hand maintain my job. Razer has built lot of gamer mouse for gamer and Lachesis is just one of the best one that attracted my [...]

January earning report – My best earning so far

More money from membership site – more money from eBay

January was the best month for me so far, yeah off course, I made more $ 1,500 thousands dollar than previous month (December) just because of my new membership site, supersatelittv dot com.  even I got some bad news such as earningstep traffic rank [...]

Earningstep December earning report – New project more money

I got more projects this month that’s mean more money

December was a great month for every people. It was a holiday month, a party month, a Holy month and for me, December was great time to earn money online. I think I have become a full time blogger and web designer, I have [...]

I am falling in love with this game – call of duty modern warfare 2

Shoot anything you want- call of duty modern warfare 2

Infinity Ward, Inc has doing a great job by creating the next generation of modern warfare. The second part of call of duty modern warfare. The best shooting game that probably ever created on earth or maybe I just too falling in love with [...]

Say love when you still have a chance – This week important lesson

A very short video clip to remind you to someone who you love

Last week was a very important week in my life because I have got a very short video (it’s only 3 minutes) but it change my life and give me a new thinking. Before you watch the video bellow, I just want [...]