Learn more about your traffic source and how to improve it – part one

Where is your traffic come from and how about the quality?

Traffic, traffic and traffic, again this is the most phenomenal stuff for all blogger. Every single blogger from new blogger to expert need traffic. Some of people say that traffic the hardest thing to deal with, what do you think? Honestly I have [...]

Beware from twitter scam service – optimize your twitter

Scams are everywhere and Now they target on twitter member

Knowing the fact that twitter has become super powerful social networking site , tons of scammer has growing recently .we can easily find hundred of sites that offering us great twitter advanced feature , followers packet , auto follower builder and other powerful feature that [...]

Twitter tips that you probably never know before | twitter video

This may help you to Tweet better !

Twitter is full with feature to help your internet experience better , you can share anything to anyone in this world with 140 word for no cost . I wonder what could be better than this ? if you are new on twitter , you may [...]

How is The quality of your followers on twitter

Have you got something from twitter?

Do you ever check what you have got from twitter? Traffic, sales or lead? I mean like this, let say you have more than 5000 follower then what are their contributions for you? (Try to answer this question and continues to read)

It’s really important to get [...]

How to start and use twitter for twitter new member | Twitter Video

This morning I have review about twitter for newbie, I really hope everyone can get the benefits by be a twitter member (one of the best social networking site for now) and in this post I will provide you a good video about how to use twitter for the first time, all you can [...]

Twitter for everyone | the benefits for be a twitter member

Twitter and their benefit for new internet user!

Twitter is the greatest and fastest growing social networking sites beside facebook based on total of members they have, agree? You will miss a big opportunity if you don’t have a twitter account. Millions of people such as Oprah, john chow, prolonger, copy blogger and [...]